Friday, May 11, 2012

Pop Knitting.

An inspiring new book has landed at the shop. Pop Knitting: Bold Motifs Using Color and Stitch, by Britt-Marie Christoffersson is a collection of graphic, modern-looking stitch patterns.

Christoffersson combines color and texture in surprising ways, making the book itself a thing of beauty.

The sweaters shown alongside many of these motifs make use of them in beautiful and often pleasantly strange garments. The results are fascinating and exciting, whether they appeal to your personal taste or not.

Come to the shop to take a closer look at Pop Knitting; you're sure to find some inspiration there.


  1. Thanks for hunting green yarn on skype! That was a bit weird but pretty awesome. New kind of "web shopping". ;)

    I'll be back in person later this summer to look for that green laceweight I crave so much.

    1. No problem, Silme! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!