Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A new book, recommended by a friend, has arrived at the shop.

Wearwithall is a collection of patterns by the people at The Yarnery, a yarn shop in Saint Paul, MN. The book has a nice range of projects, including hats, socks, sweaters for babies and children as well as adults, and an eye-catching striped stole.

This stole, designed by Theresa Gaffey, is made from the exquisite Isager Alpaca 2 yarn, a fingering weight blend of wool and alpaca. Its construction is simple, letting the brightest colors from the muted Isager palette do the talking.

Take a closer look at Wearwithall next time you're in the shop. Be sure to visit the Alpaca 2 as well, and as you do, just imagine curling up in a cozy Alpaca 2 stole. Hard to resist, no?


  1. Julia,
    Thanks for the review of Wearwithall. When I designed the stole, the yarn colors reminded me of the mountains around Asheville in the fall--unexpected, but fabulous. I do miss North Carolina.
    Theresa Gaffey

    1. Thanks, Theresa, for your kind words and beautiful designs!